Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam Speech For School

He Known as the Missile man of India doctor APJ Abdul Kalam whole life journey as an inspiration for one and all doctor Abdul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was born on 15th October 1931 at Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu

his father Janu liberty was a Boat on a and his mother ashiyama home maker came from a financially poor background and used to distribute newspapers to support his family's income completed his schooling from Rameshwaram elementary school in 1954 he graduated in physics from Saint Joseph's College in Tiruchirapalli in 1955 to join the Madras Institute of Technology and started aerospace engineering doctor Kalam dream was to become a fighter pilot but he was ranked ninth by the IAF offered only if slots he was a very simple person who owned a few positions including a simple Court a lungi his beloved Veena and a collection of books hadn't even had the television he was a kind hearted man with no show offline when his love for children was always evident as for now the program got over do it crossed the barricades to interact freely with the children speak at length with them and motivate them to take up challenges APJ Abdul Kalam birthday October 15 is celebrated as world students day Dr Kalam emerged as a superb team leader and a Technologist par excellence in his scientific career from 1963 to 1980 his career was spent in space research with the founding of India's space programme by Vikram Sarabhai under the Indian committee for Space Research which became is rode the successful launch of the satellite launch vehicle SLV 3 was a high point of Kalam space 10th which propelled India into a select that of countries with the rocket launching capability after the success he was shifted to the defence research and development organisation do you are due to have the Missile project and was made the director of Defence metallurgical research laboratory dmrl in Hyderabad in 1982 launch vehicle periods to full use by putting together teams of Engineers to work on missile development is therefore give birth to the guided missile development programme leading to the launch of surface to surface missile named Prithvi surface to air missile name Trishul surface to air missile name Aakash 3rd Generation anti tank missile names Nag the launch of Prithvi missile on 25th February 1988 was a historical moment for a country it was not only a cell with to surface missile but was a basic module for the coming future the launch of Prithvi founded on neighbouring countries and as a result Western countries than the supply of such useful materials for missile program but couldn't stop India under Kalam guidance the self dependency of India and innovation of missile disturb all the nation yet again he proved his team building and leadership qualities for technology project later Kalam lead by hotel room in the 1998 nuclear test no network has done to this was surprising to many because it did not come from the nucleus I'm Pedigree and is 48 was Rocket Science in both the east and they are to you but he became instrumental at the technology manager because pokaran to campaign was seen as a joint venture of the Year the armed forces and the nuclear establishment building a leading Technology tones was Kalam real strength at the Technologist and an engineer this is what is needed for mission oriented programs and Yuva for making India self-reliant and defence and space research earned him the title of Missile man of India the great personality was awarded the Padma Bhushan 1981 Padma vibhushan 1990 and then proudly declared the Bharat Ratna in the year 1997 for his excellent contribution in the field of scientific research and modernization of Defence technology in India there was no wind of assignments to doctor Kalam after his retirement in 1999 to 2001 he became the first person to whom the coveted post of principal scientific advisor to the Government of India during his tenure he worked on the need of making life saving medical treatment affordable to the poorest of the poor then at PSA culminated with numerous achievement just after a short trick another office of use owners was waiting for I have in the year of 2002 Ariel visionary and a man of high corrector Dr Kalam to the range of the country at the President of India during his duties he became the supreme commander of Army Navy and Airforce it's all due to his efforts and contribution on the title of people's president one answering the questions of students give the month of success doctor Kalam human being from the heart and soul as the President of India had visited to the right hit areas of Gujarat and tried to give a healing touch to the vector not only this also met with the ruling families of Bhopal gas tragedy as a President who broke the myth that the top office is powerless and the improvement is just above star during his tenure he refused to approve office of profit with this bill union government right to exam some of the parliamentarians who were the improvement of Executive positions Dr Kalam was against the pick and choose policy of the Government and suggested to make the zende Sunil's Sandip more purpose for president Kalam was against death sentence awards that about 50 cases for the reconsideration in a lecture delivered at Hyderabad National Police Academy in 2005 asked why only the people of poor background on the death row only multiply the doctor Kalam rejected was from Dhananjay Chatterjee a lift operator Dhananjay was Convict rape and killing young girl in Kolkata in 2004 people's president with a due to Rashtrapati Bhawan on 25 July 2007 but this was not the end of a person you perpetually work to make India a world power to achieve this goal doctor Kalam opt teaching .

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